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How It Works

Get Label
Call our ecycling department Toll Free at 888-350-2766 or fill out the online form below. After contact, you will receive a pre-paid UPS shipping label by email within one business day.
Box It
Once you receive your UPS shipping label by email, print it, package your old Eclipse, Infinity, Trio, or Xtreme tablet in a box and attaches the UPS shipping label.1 2
Ship It
Drop the package off at the nearest UPS drop off location or can call UPS for pickup at no charge. 1-800-377-4877 (PICKUPS)

Inspire Technology, LLC makes its mail-back recycling program available for free to all purchasers of Eclipse, Infinity, Trio and Xtreme Products in the United States. Inspire Technology, LLC will not dispose of tablets (covered device) in landfills or transfer covered devices to computer equipment recycling facilities that dispose of covered devices in landfills other than necessary incidental disposal in de minimis amounts.
1 In accordance with the MDE: Upon request, a return shipping container will be provided free of charge to all Maryland residents.
2 For New York State only, Inspire Technology, LLC will accept our own brands of electronic waste, but also one piece of electronic waste of any manufacturer’s brand with the purchase of covered electronic equipment of the same type by a consumer.

How to Reset Your Old Tablet & Remove Personal Information Before Recycling

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